Crescendo 150 airbrush

If you need help choosing, have a look at our guide to choosing an airbrush.


Iwata Deluxe Airbrush Set

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Deluxe Airbrush Set

Consists of one smartjet compressor with auto shutoff; one gravity feed, dual-action Eclipse CS Airbrush; ten bottles of Com-Art non-toxic colors 1 oz.; one 8 oz. bottle of airbrush cleaner; two instructional DVDs; freehand template and a pistol grip filter.


Iwata Ninja Air Compressor

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Cloaked in black and so small it's nearly invisible, this ninja like compressor is the perfect choice for portable air. Comes with built in airbrush holder, carry handle, adjustable pressure regulator and a airhose. This oil-less 1/12 HP piston great for: hobbies, crafts, bakery, cosmetics and nails.


Air Brush Crescendo Model 175 Dual Action Internal Mix

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175 Fine Medium Heavy


Bottom Feed, dual action internal mix air brush that adapts to either color cups or jars.
Adapts to three different head assemblies for different fluid viscosities, by simply changing the spray regulator tip and needle.
Crescendo's TM medium and large tips and all three needle sizes are constructed of durable stainless steel.
One-piece angled trigger (and optional trigger pad) is designed to provide both durability and comfort. Converts easily for right and left handed use.
Crescendo's TM body "O" rings affect greater comfort and sure gripping.
The quick disconnect handle makes needle changing or clog clearing a snap.
Cresendo's TM new winged back lever design makes re-assembly easy.



Badger Anthem 155-7

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Dual Action, Internal Mix, bottom feed. This set contains 155 Anthem air brush with all purpose nozzle / needle, attachable jar, two additional jars with covers, ľ oz. color cup, air hose with varying air source fitting, trigger pad, protective cap, and instruction manual in an attractive triangular box. Single needle/nozzle for spraying all mediums, inks, dyes, watercolors, acrylics enamels, lacquers, glazes, latex, air-Opaque, Air-Tex, and MODELflex colors.


Patriot 105 Airbrush

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The Patriot, Model 105, is a comfortable, reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly gravity feed airbrush, designed for use by experienced, as well as novice airbrush enthusiasts. Its two angle needle tip precisely mates with the Patriotís cone shaped nozzle, enabling a single needle/nozzle configuration to spray a variety of materials, while eliminating the need for multiple needle/nozzle variations. It has a 1/3 ounce permanently mounted color cup with a convenient spill-proof cap.
The Patriotís body design provides exacting balance and long-term user comfort. The Patriot is a low maintenance airbrush, easy to clean and simple to operate; it will spray any properly reduced paint or airbrush-ready media.
Developed to deliver precise performance and fine line detail, the Patriot is an ideal airbrush for custom art, graphic arts and illustrative work. The Patriot airbrush will operate at 30 PSI, as well as lower pressure settings (10-15 PSI) and is ergonomically balanced for hours of comfortable airbrushing.


Choosing An Air Brush

Before choosing an air brush, consider the factors unique to your situation. What type of work will the air brush be used for? What type of materials will be sprayed through the air brush.? What is the scale of the project? What is your level of experience? The list of terms below, will help you select the best air brush for your intended application.

INTERNAL MIX indicates that air and paint mix inside the air brush. Air and paint come together inside the head assembly to produce a thoroughly atomized fine dot spray pattern. EXTERNAL MIX indicates that air and paint mix outside the air brush. Air and paint come together outside the head, or fluid assembly. External mix air brushes produce a larger dot spray pattern than internal mix air brushes.
DUAL ACTION refers to air brushes on which the trigger controls both air and color (down for air, back for color). This simple maneuver allows the artist to change the width of the line, the range of value and the opacity of paint without stopping their hand motion. SINGLE ACTION refers to air brushes on which the trigger controls only the air flow. When the trigger is depressed. a pre-set amount of fluid is sprayed. The amount of fluid is regulated by turning the needle adjustment screw at the back of the handle, or in case of an external mix air brush by turning the fluid cap on the paint tip at the front of the air brush.
GRAVITY FEED refers to air brushes with top-mounted color cups in which gravity draws paint into the air brush. Less air pressure is required enabling slower hand movement which creates excellent control for fine detail applications. BOTTOM FEED refers to air brushes on which paint enters through a siphon tube or color cup attached to the bottom of the air brush. Removable jars or various size color cups can be connected to and utilized with bottom feed air brushes. This configuration is generally more versatile and enables the user to change color quickly.
SIDE FEED refers to air brushes on which a small color cup fits into the side of the air brush. The side feed color cup rotates enabling the user to work on either a horizontal or vertical surface. The side feed configuration also permits the user to achieve fine detail without the possible sight obstruction of a top mounted color cup.