Willow Charcoal

For over forty years, the Coates family have been producing premium quality artists'charcoal from renewable willows grown on the Somerset levels. Renowned as the worlds finest willow charcoal , tried and trusted traditions are combined with innovative production techniques and enviromental concerns. Their smooth mark, deep black hue and uniform texture create an indispensable drawing tool for fine artists.

R Willow Charcoal Thin Sticks 15/BX

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15 Sticks per box


R Williow Charcoal Medium Sticks 25/BX

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Medium thickness 25/bx


R Willow Charcoal Chunky 1/BX

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Chuncky 1/bx


R Willow Charcoal Thick 5/BX

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Thick 5/bx


R Willow Charcoal Assorted 10/BX

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Assorted sizes 10/bx

Drawing Charcoal
Charcoal comes in three main types. Willow, is light, hard and brittle. It is powdery and easily rubbed off, so mainly used for light construction drawing Vine charcoal, a fine quality natural charcoal, offers a full range of tone yet is easily erased. Compressed charcoal is available in varying hardness. Its dense tone can be difficult to erase and blend. It is available in stick form, particularly useful for large areas, and in pencils, ideal for fine detail.